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Planning policies in Camden relating to the UKCMRI

The following information was supplied by a Camden council planner, minorly edited for web clarity

Re: Planning policies in Camden with regard to the proposals for UKCMRI at Brill Place, the Local Development Framework does not directly replace the brief for the site. The Brief will continue to have relevance, although the weight given to it will be limited given the time since its adoption and given that it was adopted under the previous Unitary Development Plan regime.

Camden’s Local Development Framework

The Core Strategy and Developments Policies documents of Camden’s Local Development Framework will be formally adopted in November, at which point they will replace the Unitary Development Plan and become part of the Development Plan for the borough. You can download copies of the documents using this link.

The following policies would be of particular relevance to the proposals for UKCMRI;

Core Strategy (the Core Strategy outlines the Council’s vision and strategic priorities for the borough over the next 15 years);

CS1 – Distribution of growth

CS2 – Growth areas

CS3 – Other highly accessible areas

– These policies set out our overarching approach to the location of future growth and development within the borough.

CS10 – Supporting community facilities and services

– This policy seeks to ensure a wide range services and facilities for community needs are provided in the borough.

CS11 – Promoting sustainable and efficient travel

– This policy seeks to secure a range of sustainable transport measures and delivery of additional transport infrastructure.

CS13 – Tackling climate change through promoting higher environmental standards

– This policy requires all new development to take measures to minimise the effects of, and adapt to, climate change.

CS14 – Promoting high quality places and conserving our heritage

– This policy seeks to ensure that Camden’s places and buildings are attractive, safe and easy to use.

CS15 – Protecting and Improving our parks and open spaces & encouraging biodiversity

-This policy seeks to protect and improve Camden’s existing open space and tackle deficiencies and under-provision of open space.

CS16 – Improving Camden’s health & well-being

CS17 – Making Camden a safer place

Development Policies (the Development Policies provides the detailed policy approach to outline how the Council will secure the objectives outlined in the Core Strategy);

DP1 – Mixed use development

– Seeks to secure the most efficient use of land by encouraging a mix of uses within developments.

DP2 – Making full use of Camden’s capacity for housing

– This policy seeks to maximise the supply of homes within the borough, in line the Council’s key objectives.

DP15 – Community and leisure uses

– Outlines the detailed policy as to how the Council will secure new community facilities in line with CS10.

DP16 – The transport implications of development

– Seeks to deliver the aims of CS11 by ensuring that the transport implications of development are managed, and additional infrastructure is delivered where needed.

DP22 – Promoting sustainable design and construction

DP24 – Securing high quality design

– Outlines how the Council will seek to secure the objectives as outlined in CS13 and CS14

DP26 – Managing the impact of development on occupiers and neighbours

– This policy seeks to ensure that new development does not harm the quality of life of occupiers and neighbours of new developments.

DP31 – Provision of, and improvements to, public open space and outdoor sports and recreation facilities

– This policy seeks to ensure that the quality and quantity of open space in Camden is increased.

Site Allocation Document

The new Site Allocations Document that is currently being prepared by the Council lays out the Council’s expectations for land and buildings on major development sites that are likely to be developed through the course of the LDF (2010-2025). The Midland Road/Brill Place site is at page 23.

The London Plan

Finally, it is also worth noting that The London Plan 2008 is the statutory plan for London and sets out the strategic, citywide guidance for London, to which all individual boroughs planning policies are required to be in broad conformity. A copy of the London Plan can be downloaded using the following link.

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